Management Services Division


Services Management Division play an important role in ensuring the basic management of the agency are implemented including in human resource management, administrative and financial management

a) Administrative Management Unit

  • Receipt and Registration of Movable and Immovable Assets;
  • Asset Inspection;
  • Stock Verification Secretariat;
  • Disposal;
  • Asset Maintenance;
  • Loss And Write-Off Matters;
  • Office Space Lease / Extension;
  • Inventory Management and Land Security;
  • Lease of Federal Land by Individuals, Corporations and Companies;
  • Change of land use;
  • Land acquisition;
  • Purchase of land from individuals, Corporations and Companies;
  • Assessment of Condition / Performance of Movable and Immovable Assets;
  • Immovable Asset Maintenance Operations;
  • Manage correspondence and registered mail;
  • Managing Vehicle Booking, Official Vehicle Maintenance of the Ministry;
  • Supervise and monitor the security of APAD buildings and in the region;
  • Manage the Security Pass application for all Members who serve in APAD after receiving complete details from UPSM; and
  • Manage the maintenance of physical facilities, assets and infrastructure of APAD buildings, including in all APAD regional offices to be in good condition and functioning;
  • Provide uniform and systematic management and maintenance systems and standards of government assets so that the level of security and comfort of a building facility can be improved;

b) Human Resource Management Unit

  • Managing human resource related matters;
  • Manage the exchange and placement of officers in APAD;
  • Managing on temporary exchanges, loans from the Ministry to APAD;
  • Manage the services of officers as a whole;
  • Managing promotion, acting etc;
  • Managing staff salary extension extension matters;
  • Managing medical financing applications to staff;
  • Conduct related courses;
  • Make staff attendance reports;
  • Managing Leave / GCR / Hrmis / SKT and LNPT staff

c) Finance, Revenue and Procurement Unit

  • Budget Preparation Division
  • Government Local Order Issuance Matters namely Procurement of Supply, Procurement of Services and Procurement of Work;
  • Supervise, prepare and monitor Payment Management, namely Bulk Bill Payment, Refund Claim Payment, Local Order Invoice Payment, Local Order Invoice Payment, Copier Invoice Payment / Agreement and Copier Machine Rental Payment and Computer;
  • Supervise, Prepare and monitor the Management of Issuance of Public Air Travel Warrants, namely the Official Affairs of Domestic Public Air Travel Warrants, Official Affairs of Public Air Travel Warrants and Free Fares.
  • Retail Money Lending;
  • Payment of Ministry Utility Bills.
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