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The Application Technology Department plays a role in coordinating, managing, analysing, implementing, and monitoring the ICT Governance of APAD in line with APAD's vision and mission, as well as current acts and circulars, to ensure that APAD's operations can be carried out smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Conducting research and analysis, formulating strategies, and collecting data and information for the development of applications that are suitable for the needs and operations of land public transportation Managing the ICT Governance of APAD to ensure the implementation of ICT projects in accordance with established policies, circulars, and guidelines.

Managing and monitoring the applications and ICT infrastructure of the agency.

Assisting the Agency in implementing Government Electronic applications.

Coordinating the application process and monitoring the implementation of projects and programmes under the ICT allocation of APAD, whether for management or development purposes.

Automating relevant work processes according to needs and allocations to enhance productivity and government service delivery systems.

Managing ICT incidents and security in alignment with APAD's ICT Security Policy and in accordance with the guidelines for ICT security in the Public sector.

Managing agency emails using the MyGovUC service at an optimal level.

Coordinating and monitoring ICT assets, including asset procurement, repairs, or leasing, toner, and ICT accessory requirements, as well as distribution based on needs across all Branches and headquarters.

Providing technical advisory services related to ICT.

Acting as the coordinator in the ICT Steering Committee Meetings of APAD.

Managing the supply of ICT assets to APAD personnel.

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