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Performance Monitoring Hub System (PMHS)

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The PMHS system aims to improve the public transportation’s reliability, journey time, comfort, convenience, accessibility and connectivity. Part of the effort needed is to have the ability to monitor and track public transport performance beginning with stage bus routes in the Greater Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley.
The automated approach allows SPAD to have real time information for measurement, planning,

(assisting) investigations, as well as introducing corrective and improvement actions. Furthermore, commuters can benefit from the availability of journey information and operators that lack their own system can view their fleet operations.

The envisioned Performance Monitoring Hub System (PMHS) will consist of the following components:

  1. Performance Monitoring Hub System (PMS)
    • Command and Control Centre (CCC) serves as the public transport monitoring hub, enabling 24-hour monitoring
    • Data from the Fleet Management System (FMS) and the Passenger Information System (PIS) flows into CCC and is analysed for KPI reporting
  2. Fleet Management System (FMS)
    • Tracks bus fleet movements through the On-Board Units (OBU)
    • Provides information on routes, estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) of buses, as well as locations of buses to the PMS and the PIS
  3. Passenger Information System (PIS)
    • PIS provides real time bus information (ETAs, locations of buses, etc) for commuters via Public Information Display (PID) boards

The objective of this project is to:

  1. Regulate
    • Monitor performance of public transport operators in the Klang Valley to ensure optimum service levels are provided to the public
  2. Aid Bus Operators
    • To provide a ‘Fleet Management System’ platform for bus operators to monitor the performance of their respective fleets
  3. Help Public Transport Users
    • Collect and disseminate public transport service information via the upcoming Journey Planner mobile application and Public Information Display (PID) boards located at the bus terminals


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