Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD)

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Providing Commuters across Malaysia with Efficient and Reliable Bus Services

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The stage bus services remain a key mode of scheduled transport for commuters outside of Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley. The Stage Bus Services Transformation programme is designed to help sustain this vital service to ensure connectivity and at the same time provide scheduled trips for local commuters get to work, school and central commercial areas. Under the SBST Programme, SPAD will roll out the myBAS service in key cities across Malaysia, namely; Kangar, Seremban, Ipoh and Kuala Terengganu.

The new stage bus business model, myBAS sees SPAD as the planning authority; responsible for the network, the operating cost as well as receiving the fare box revenue. myBAS also offers new social routes for areas which were underserved and is designed to eliminate duplication of routes which in turn ensures optimum coverage and accessibility to the network for 80% of the population.

myBAS Kangar

Operations for the myBAS Kangar route commenced on 1 August 2015 and has seen a positive trend in ridership. The myBAS service in Kangar has also increased connectivity and coverage from a total route distance of 124km to 337km, providing better access to urban and rural communities. The service is powered by 6 trunk routes and 4 feeder routes. For selected routes, the frequency has been doubled, while the trunk routes service hours have been extended till 9.00 pm. This includes the main trunk service line from Kangar to Arau which operates at a frequency of 30 minutes.

myBAS Seremban

myBAS Seremban was operationalised in January 2016 and encompasses a total of 22 routes (17 trunk routes and 5 feeder routes) compared to the 19 routes previously and covers a distance of 656km compared to the existing 459km. 110 buses are involved daily to support operations for the planned routes. 

Buses under the myBAS initiative is fitted with a GPS tracking and monitoring system, which is a requirement from SPAD for all operators participating in the programme. This system is regulated and monitored daily by SPAD via the Command and Control Centre at its Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

myBAS Ipoh

The Stage Bus Service Transformation (SBST) project introduced by the SPAD and funded by the Government gained speed, with the implementation of Phase 1 of the myBAS service in Ipoh beginning 1 June, 2016. The improved myBAS service in Ipoh offers commuters better integration, expanded routes and a wider bus network resulting in more reliable bus service across the city.

Phase 1 saw the launch of 4 trunk routes: Stesen Bas Ipoh – Terminal Amanjaya (T30a), Stesen Bas Ipoh – Chemor (T30b, via Terminal Amanjaya), Stesen Bas Ipoh – RTC Gopeng (T34) and Terminal Amanjaya – Stesen Bas Ipoh (T37, via – Sultan Azlan Shah Airport) and 2 feeder routes: Oldtown Ipoh (F303) and Bandaraya Ipoh – Jusco Ipoh (F304). 

Phase 2 launched on first September 2016 and covers a total route distance of 312km compared to 132km previously offering 12 trunk and 7 feeder routes. 


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