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Eligibility Criteria & FAQ's

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*In reference to the statement “must be able to operate immediately…”, does this mean it is only applicable to stage bus operators that have ceased from operating their routes? Can I still apply for the fund if my company is still operating on the existing routes?

  • An existing operator that operates the route is eligible to apply for the fund due to the fact that it can operate the route immediately.
  • Operators who have stopped servicing the route within 12 months prior to the date of application are still eligible to apply for the fund.


Where can I get the application form?

When can I get the application form?

  • The forms have been made available to operators since 3 January 2012 at the abovementioned channels.

Where can I submit the application to?

  • APAD’s head office at:
    Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD)
    Level 6, Block D, Platinum Sentral
    Jalan Stesen Sentral 2
    Kuala Lumpur Sentral
    50470 Kuala Lumpur


How will operators receive the fund?
The fund will be deposited into the individual operator’s bank account as stipulated in the Agreement.

When can operators receive the fund?
The operator will receive the first payment of the fund within 14 days after the Agreement is duly signed by both parties.

How will the fund be disbursed to successful applicants? Will the fund be given in full or will the fund be disbursed in staggered payments?
Subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated under the Agreement, the fund will be paid to successful applicants on a monthly basis for a period of six months and may be extended for another six months.

Submission of Documents

How long is the application process?
Provided that the individual operator submits the documents required by APAD, the application process should not take more than four weeks.

The disbursement of the fund is on a monthly basis. Do I need to submit any additional documents to receive the subsequent payment(s)?
For an operator to receive the follow-up payment(s), the following documents MUST be submitted within the first week of the month:

  • Revenue per route
  • Operating cost per route
  • Driver’s salary
  • Driver’s incentives (if any)
  • Fuel cost
  • Other related operating and administration costs
  • Number of total ridership per route for the past month
  • Number of trips per route for the past month
  • Kilometre runs per route

*If the operator is unable to provide the total cost of operation per route, they may submit their management account instead


How much funding can I ask for?
The allocation of fund to be sought by the operator shall be based on the revenue collection, the number of return trips, distance covered and number of days in operation.

Am I signing an Agreement for all the approved routes? What happens if I decide to terminate one or more of the approved route(s) in the Agreement?
Yes, signing the Agreement implies that the operator is ready to serve all approved routes. Termination of some of the existing routes will result in the fund not being disbursed for these non-active routes. Operators will be asked to operate these terminated routes or to surrender the permits for each route if they are unable to operate them.

What are APAD’s measures for the decision to allocate the fund to an individual operator?
The measures taken by APAD to reach the decision includes, thorough evaluation of service necessity and an assessment of the potential ridership within the area. APAD will also monitor ridership on a monthly basis to identify the route’s viability.

What happens if the fund disbursed by APAD is insufficient to cover my operating costs? Can I terminate the contract with APAD?
The fund allocation by APAD to operators will be reviewed from time to time. Operators may inform APAD in writing if the fund that has been disbursed is insufficient to cover the operating costs. It will be at APAD’s discretion to increase the approved fund allocation.

Operators must substantiate their claims for the fund with supporting documents. APAD also reserves the right to assign the respective routes to other operators should the existing operator is unable to operate the route due to insufficient funds. The other operators are selected based on willingness to take over the routes. Once the agreement has been made, APAD will then re-allocate the fund to the new operator accordingly.

The operator claiming insufficient funds MUST inform APAD of the decision to terminate the route in writing.

What happens if I stop operating the route after my application has been approved?
If payment has been deposited into the operator’s bank account, the operator MUST return to APAD the whole amount that has been deposited within one (1) month after receiving the fund. Any delay in repaying the amount will be subject to interest charges to the total amount payable. The interest that is chargeable to the operator will be equivalent to the short-term “Malaysian Government Securities” rate on the date of termination.

Who decides whether to approve or reject the application of an operator, and how can the operator appeal for a second application?
The decision to approve or reject the application of an operator will be made by APAD. If the operator’s application is rejected, the operate may appeal for a second attempt by writing to APAD.

How does the public benefit from the ISBSF?
The public benefits from the improvement of stage bus services. Improvement of the services will consequently increase the public’s confidence in the reliability of stage bus services.

As a member of the public, how can I lodge a complaint if the operator fails to provide satisfactory stage bus services?
All public enquiries, feedback and complaints can be channelled to APAD’s Hotline at 1800-88-APAD (7723). Alternatively, the public can also provide their complaints to APAD via the official website: